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Tom Interviews Mel Gibson
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Interview by Tom (2002)

This an interview Tom had with Mel Gibson, a man he really admires, about the then upcoming release of Gibson's movie, Signs.............

Tom DeLonge: I saw your movie today. And I have a list of questions for you. I've never interviewed anybody before in my life. ... You're my first interview.

Mel Gibson: Hey, let's make it a memorable one.

DeLonge: It will be good. ... This is my first time interviewing somebody and I know what it's like to be interviewed because I've been interviewed. And you've been doing interviews all day long.

Gibson: But that's OK, I'm only just warming up.

DeLonge: Are you ready for answers? You have answers for me? Would you like a drink of alcohol?

Gibson: No.

DeLonge: No, I don't want any either. It's just here in case you wanted some.

Gibson: You're like an enabler, man.

DeLonge: Hey, I saw your movie today.

Gibson: Good.

DeLonge: So I have to ask you, 'cause the kids want to know — this is Music Television so the kids are watching this — what made you want to do this movie in the first place? And I know no one's asked you this before.

Gibson: No, that's an original. The primary reason why I embarked on this particular cinematic journey, was — if I can use three-syllable words for the kids — it was such an intriguing story. Intrigue. A lot of mystery.

DeLonge: Do you believe in aliens?

Gibson: Illegal aliens.

DeLonge: Well, they're here, especially in California, but do you believe in the bigger picture of life out in the universe?

Gibson: Um, yes. Something keeps everything whirring and buzzing around in a kind of mathematical order and stuff doesn't really, I believe, happen by itself. I think it's assisted and timed and created.

DeLonge: I had all these really great things I wanted to bring you but I forgot cause it was like 7:30 in the morning and I wasn't really awake yet. Like I didn't even know that time existed. I usually don't wake up 'til like one. That's cause I'm a musician and I'm really lazy.

Gibson: Stay up late at night.

DeLonge: Yeah. But I'm a huge UFO fan so I thought they would ask me to come up here and ask me to ask you about aliens and UFOs.

Gibson: What do you think about UFOs? Do you think they exist?

DeLonge: Wait, who's doing the interview here?

Gibson: Have you ever seen one?

DeLonge: No, I haven't but I know very important people. I have this inch and a half briefing document for Congress of 500 top secret witnesses testifying about the reality for UFOs ... I have the briefing document and I have like 36 hours of testimony that I wanted to bring you. Like a VHS copy you can watch at home with kids. You have kids, right?

Gibson: I do.

DeLonge: That's what my wife asked me to ask you.

Gibson: I got kids coming out of every door.

DeLonge: I have my first kid in three weeks. She's a girl. I'm excited about that. I want to know if you want to babysit, cause I don't even know what to do with my kid.

Gibson: Well, she'll dictate the pace, believe me.

DeLonge: How sick of interviews are you?

Gibson: Well, after 26 years of 'em...

DeLonge: OK, is this a good interview?

Gibson: Hey, this is as good as any interview I've had.

DeLonge:Why are you so handsome?

Gibson: Well, do you really think so?

DeLonge: I think ... well, I called my mom before I came up here. I was downstairs and my mom was kind of freaking out a little bit. She thinks you're really pretty. Not pretty, really handsome.

Gibson: How old is your mom?

DeLonge: My mom is really pretty. How old is my mom? I think she's like 49. But she watches all your movies and stuff.

Gibson: Wow. I like older women.

DeLonge: I think you're really handsome, too.

Gibson: Why, thank you.

DeLonge: I don't want to talk about that 'cause kids might think really weird of my band after that. I'm an artist like you but 'cause I'm a musician, people think weird of us anyways. We run around naked on TV and stuff. ... Have you ever heard my band before?

Gibson: Yes.

DeLonge: Really?

Gibson: [bats eyes]

DeLonge: Don't do that.

Gibson: It's like looking at you in a strobe light.

DeLonge: Hey, you're from Australia, correct?

Gibson: I have lived down there.

DeLonge: Everyone probably asks you that.

Gibson: Yeah, for a great deal of my life.

DeLonge: Hey, your movie's good, man. I saw it this morning. I know I told you. I liked it.

Gibson: Three days in a row, man, you really liked it.

DeLonge: No, I saw it this morning, I really did.

Gibson: Oh, that's the third time I heard it, so I thought you'd seen it three times. It was a misconception of mine. I can't be on the ball all the time.

DeLonge: You make me nervous. I'm not very smart. I'm in a band.

Gibson: I got a feeling he's going to come out with the witty repartee any minute. He's trying to lull me into a false sense of security by saying he's nervous and he's not very smart when in fact he's probably a devotee to quantum physics or something like that.

DeLonge: No, no. I know a little bit about physics, though. A tiny bit. I read Stephen Hawkings' A Brief History of Time. I've read that book. I know a little bit about space.

Gibson: Yeah, me too.

DeLonge: But you probably know more than me.

Gibson: I do, because I have more space between my ears.

DeLonge: Don't say that.

Gibson: It's oxygen.

DeLonge: So while we're here, why would you be interested in doing an interview for MTV? That's what I'd like to know. With me, anyways. You probably wouldn't be interested in doing an interview with me.

Gibson: Hey, nobody told me. They just sort of ushered me in here. I feel like the sort of unwilling victim in the coliseum.

DeLonge: Hey, know what I feel like? I feel like I'm in one of your movies right now.

Gibson: Cool. We could do a scene.

DeLonge: Can you cry on cue?

Gibson: Absolutely.

DeLonge: Really? If you could cry right now, that would be rad.

Gibson: You try it.

DeLonge: I tried it. I have to hear one of my own songs to cry.

Gibson: [splashes water on his face] Oh, they caught me.

DeLonge: She's giving me the sign to wrap it up. I guess the interview's not going too well.

Gibson: It's going great. Are you kidding, man, for your first interview?

DeLonge: I don't know, I've never done an interview before. I've seen the show before and usually you go out and do something and someone mentioned we were having lunch today and then they said it was dessert. I don't know. I don't eat dessert. But I just want you to know I think you did a great movie and I think the kids wanted to know the reasons why you wanted to do the movie and how you felt doing it. Your belief in the subject matter that you were doing, your motivations and all those types of things.

Gibson: Well, I think that perhaps crop circles is kind of the main device in the film, although it's not really what the film is about, it's about something far greater.

DeLonge: Yeah, it's about the family, it's about losing faith, all those things.

Gibson: The crop circle thing, my opinion is that it's probably mostly a hoax. But there are certain sizes of crop circles and geometrical patterns that can only be viewed from high above that are kind of unexplained. You can't logically make sense of them in a way that you can say, "Some guys did that last night." I'm willing to concede that there could be something out there creating this strange phenomenon. But they'd have to prove it to me, I'll tell ya. Just like this cake. Who do you think made this cake? Look at the multi-layers of it. This one's 2000 years old. As we go up the strata, you'll notice that there are small sea creatures in here. This is from the Mesozoic era.

DeLonge: I studied some of these signs, too. Hey, it was great meeting you and I have a feeling that your people want you out of here.

Gibson: Hey, do raspberries remind you of cold sores?

DeLonge: No.

Gibson: They're kind of hairy and bumpy.

DeLonge: They do for some people I know. In my band they have cold sores that big.

Gibson: Oh, really?

DeLonge: Yeah, it's from things I can't talk about.

Gibson: Well, you know the difference between true love and herpes, don't you?

DeLonge: No, actually, I don't.

Gibson: Herpes lasts forever. That's a very cynical view of the world. That's not true, kids.

DeLonge: It's not.

Gibson: No, true love is to be wished for and achieved.

DeLonge: So is herpes. I have a hole in my heart and I'm trying to fill it with herpes for now.

Gibson: Oh herpes, his peas, what's the difference anyhow?

DeLonge: Well, thank you for having dessert with us.



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