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I've only got mostly Enema meanings right now....I'm working on it though.......

Going Away To College [tom]

That's a super-romantic song. Mark wrote the song as though you are a boy leaving your girlfriend, after years of school together. After high school, when you're leaving to go to college, and what do you say to this girl that you've been in love with for years, but now have to leave for years? I don't think it gets more romantic than that. It's a sad song and it's really moving. It's one of my favourite songs on the record, and the way the lyrics flow with the music, I just think it's a really sad, emotional song. It's something a lot of people go through. You probably date a girl in high school and grow up with her and learn so much about each other and have so many growing pains and have to leave to go to college. Do you stay with her, do you break up with her, do you have faith in the relationship...? I don't know. That's a cool thing to write a song about.
Aliens Exist [tom]

As a hobby all I ever do is read books and study material on UFOs and government conspiracies. So I wrote a song about a guy talking about aliens as though he's had a weird experience but nobody believes him, they think he's full of shit. But he's directing his angst toward the government, because the government knows there's something going on. But I'm one of those freaks that really believes that stuff exists. I think if anybody out there does a little bit of research they will find that they side with me. I think it's just a cool song coming from that point of view. I read books about abductions, and there are hundreds of thousands of people a year have an experience at night and they don't know what it is, they just know what they saw and what they felt, but nobody believes them.

All The Small Things [tom]

'All The Small Things' is a song I wrote for my girlfriend while we were recording. I had to write her a song, because I wrote songs about other girls, but I haven't written one for her. So I was kinda getting some heat for that. Not really though, because I love my girlfriend, so I was like, 'I need to write a rad song' because I was scared - if the song came out bad, my girlfriend would be pissed. So I kinda warned her that it would come out bad. Then it came out good, so I was happy. But the lyrics are totally true in that song - 'She left me roses by the stairs.' I remember I came home late one night about midnight and she left roses on the stairs because I was working late every night in the studio. It's a song for everyone to have sex by.

What's My Age Again? [tom]

Mark wrote that song because Mark is 27, and he's usually rolling around on the floor naked and farting or something in front of a girl, and he'll be laughing. He'll think it's so funny. And she'll be like, "How old are you?" And that's totally why he wrote the song.

Anthem [tom]

'Anthem' is a song I wrote about having a party at your house, your parents coming home and finding out. I did that to my friend one time. I wanted my band to play - in high school - at my friend's house. His parents left only until midnight, but I still told the whole school that we were playing there. Thousands of people showed up, and then they all had to leave and we had to clean up the place before the parents came back at 12. It was so funny. The whole place chipped in with the clean up, but the cops showed up and his parents found out that way. So he ended up getting in to a lot of trouble. I couldn't believe that I invited all those people over and his parents were only away until midnight. The stereo was broken...there was a fight, there was blood everywhere. It was so funny.

Dick Lips [mark]

This song was written by Tom, and he had no title for it. The day that we recorded it, our producer asked what the title for the song was, and tom had none. On that particular day, I was stoked on the phrase "dick lips," and was calling everyone that name through the whole session. When Trombino asked Tom for the title, I suggested dick lips as the name, and Tom was stoked on it. We originally were going to come up with a better title when the record actually came out, but we ended up liking the name, and it stuck.
Dumpweed [tom]

That's all about wishing you had a girl you could train. I remember writing the song thinking about my dog. You can train the dog to sit, to be quiet, to be a good dog. But you can't teach a girl to do anything. So I thought that'd be cool to write a song about...If only you had a girl that you could train like a dog, that'd be cool because then she could never make you mad, and she would never be a woman. And women are just a whole different species. So that song was written [like] 'As if...'

Don't Leave Me [tom]

Mark wrote that song, so I can't really speak about what was going through his mind when he wrote that one. But I can judge on the lyrics. He wrote that song when he didn't even have a girlfriend, so I don't know who he's talking to. Sometimes you write a relationship song that really dosen't have that much deep meaning. I think it's just like that feeling when you're really in love with a girl, you're just thinking 'Please, please, please don't stop liking me.' That's the gist of the song. All the times you put your feelings into liking a girl, and she dosen't like you at all, and she thinks you're a scumbag. So therfore that song's like a prayer to a girl. Always hoping that you won't make the girl throw up forever, always hoping that the girls will love you. We speak for all males, we write songs hoping that girls will like us dirty rotten boys for a long time.

Adam's Song [tom]

The story behind that is Mark read a letter someone sent him as an email, that a kid wrote before he committed suicide to his parents. We kind of got together and wrote this sad, slow song. It came out sadder than we ever thought it would, which is good too. Any song that moves you is good. Some people listen to it and go 'Wow, that's a real bum-out of a song.' But it's one of those things, a story of a kid not being happy in his life, crossed with us being really lonely on tour. At the end of it there's a better way out, there are better things to do than kill yourself.

Wendy Clear [tom]

'Wendy Clear' is a song Mark wrote about this girl he had a crush on. He liked her but he really couldn't date her because she was a very influential person in the music industry. So them dating was a very tricky situation. 'I wish it didn't have to be so bad,' is how the song goes.

Lemmings [mark]

Lemmings are animals which follow one another and run off of cliffs into the sea to their deaths. The song is about an old friend of mine who expected everyone to follow what he said was correct. Most of the time, what he thought was correct was really idiotic. He expected us to be lemmings

Dysentery Gary [tom]

I wrote that song from a point of view. What if you were a guy who liked a girl, but the girl likes a different guy? It's kinda like 'I hate that guy, but I'm not sure why I hate him.' That's where it's supposed to come from. This guy is really frustrated because this girl dosen't like him, so he's going to make fun of this other guy. 'I can't think about any cruel things to say about him, but f%#k, I just don't like him.' That's the attiude that song has. 'And this girl broke my heart.' That'll make you feel a little bit better.

The Party Song

That song is about going to one of those parties and people getting drunk and being stupid and girls trying to be the centre of attention. It's just about girls trying too hard, acting like dimwits. I think we've all been there, we've all been to those parties where there's all these guys creeping out on three girls who just can't get enough attention.
Wendy Clear
I wrote this song while we were on tour with MXPX. It's about having a crush on someone that you are not supposed to like. The title of this song comes from my boat "Wendy." On marine radios, when you are done with your transmission, you need to let the other boaters know that the channel is open for use. You state the name of your vessel, and that the channel is clear. Thus - "Wendy Clear."

all the small things