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Why Scott Raynor left Blink 182.......

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Why Scott Raynor left Blink 182.......
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Alternate Title: How Blink got better so fast.......

Why did Scott (former drummer) quit the band?
Scott Raynor was the drummer of the band since its debut in 1994. He followed the band  into the creation of Buddha, Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch. After this last album, Scott Raynor left  the band and was replaced by Travis Barker, former member of "The Aquabats". Lots of rumors  have been circling around the net on the "why" and "how" scott left the band, and the silence of the  singers (Mark And Tom) on this subject contributes in their growth. Two of these are  highly probable. The  first (and most known) is that Scott got simply kicked out of the band by the  rest of the group. The  second would be that he left in order to continue his studies.
The ongoing rumors
Apparenty, rumours will never vanish. The latest would be that Scott Raynor is now working in an  association and he surfs on the internet often in order to chat with blink fans. He seems to take a lot  of time to answer to the same question over and over again: Why did you left the band? - His answer  seems reasonable though: He was drunk most of the time when on tour, Mark and Tom couldn't  stand that so they kicked him out of the band. - Knowing that Tom hates the "taste of beer" and that  the "man overboard's" lyrics are rumoured to deal with Scott's alcoholism too, maybe that's true...

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Scott Raynor

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Scott Raynor was the drummer for Blink-182, until he was replaced by Travis Barker after the Dude Ranch album.

This is what Scott himself had to say about his explusion from Blink-182: (taken from an interview conducted by

"I think the greatest misconception was that I was fired for drinking. I received a phone call from Mark, Tom, and Rick (manager), one afternoon after a recent tour. They gave me an ultimatum to quit drinking and go into rehab. I didn't think I needed to go to rehab so I asked for the weekend to think about it, they agreed. I went out and got drunk. After that weekend I realized that I had a drinking habit that I needed to break, I told them I would go to rehab and they said they didn't trust me. So I asked if there was anything I could do to stay in the band and they said no. So I was never given a reason. Another misconception is that I am somehow upset or bitter about this. When they said they wouldn't trust me to quit drinking I realized that I was not in the company of friends. And I wouldn't have wanted to be in a band whom are not my friends."